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There are many reasons why folding is important. Let’s start with the fact that it allows complex shapes and geometries to be obtained in a simple way. First, it allows us to obtain complex shapes and geometries.Thanks to the automatic hot bending machine, we are able to bend thermoplastic materials of different thicknesses (up to 12mm) and sizes (up to 2 meters in length). All while keeping the work accurate and easily repeatable. This means that we can make components that fully meet design and assembly requirements. But the bending does not stop there. We can create custom shapes tailored to specific needs. We create unique and customized thermoplastics that meet even the most complex and differentiated requirements. This is especially important in industrial, automotive, aerospace and metal structure construction applications. Sheet metal bending service enables production to be optimized. Due to the precision and repeatability of the bending operations, identical components can be obtained in a short time. This leads to improved production efficiency and reduced costs. Finally, sheet metal bending offers flexibility in design. Custom shapes can be created and tailored to specific customer needs. This allows for unique and tailored solutions, satisfying the most complex and differentiated demands.

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