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Flexible and double-sided materials laminating machineOver the course of more than 30 years of experience, we have developed a series of laminated materials that can guarantee high performance in terms of noise and heat insulation.
These are materials of different densities, from foams to compact rubbers, which combined together in sandwiches designed ad hoc with our customers, are able to meet a wide variety of needs.

Made initially in small quantities for small series production, today, several years after the first material was assembled, the volumes of demands have definitely increased making it necessary to introduce a new technology. capable of meeting the needs and ensuring a high level of quality.
As of today, we are ready to work with our customers and join forces and know-how together, each for his or her part of expertise, with the aim of providing products that are state-of-the-art and able to meet even the most arduous challenges.

Last February, in fact, the new laminating machine capable of adhering with adhesives and double-sided adhesives, including acrylics, many used flexible materials became part of Gecam’s machine fleet.

The IMESA laminating machine is designed to adhere and laminate foam material, compact rubbers, natural fibers, fabrics, and many other raw materials thanks to a system of temperature calenders and tension winding rollers that ensure perfect adhesion of all components. The machine’s versatility also allows us to work on both surfaces at the same time.

Here are the main features: Flexible materials laminating machine
– Electronically adjustable speed max. 20 M/min.
– Entrance table.
– Distance between rollers mechanically adjustable.
– Electromagnetic brake for transfer roll tension adjustment.
– Electronically controlled tension winder, complete with quick release supports, Ø75mm pneumatic expansion shaft.
– Roll holders for adhesive film
– Silicone paper winder

From today, therefore, the speed of response will be even shorter, but above all, the quality of products will move from craftsmanship to true industrialization capable of meeting many needs.