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Graphite F41 RI Smooth Foil
Joint composed of ultra-pure lamellar graphite (>99%) with metal insertion (Aisi 316 stainless steel foil), which is characterized by being self-lubricating, incombustible, with excellent temperature and pressure resistance. Elasticity is totally independent of temperature, allowing the same qualities to be maintained at both cryogenic (-200°C) and extremely high temperatures (+3000°C in the absence of oxidation). For this reason, it is suitable for withstanding demanding thermal and dynamic cycles: in addition, subsequent tightening of the flange is not necessary because the creep of graphite gaskets is very low. It can be used in the presence of almost all types of chemically aggressive fluids (exception made for nitric and sulfuric acid), and its behavior in the presence of water vapor is excellent. It is an excellent material for use in lightweight flanges. In the absence of oxidative processes, the sealing capacity and elastic characteristics remain unchanged over time. This does not change even during long exposures to high temperatures, which is why reinforced graphite gaskets are an excellent product in many applications. Contact us for more information about our technology, our materials, and how we can help you improve your production and reduce costs. We are always ready to offer you the best solution for your implementation needs.