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In the industrial field, many other materials are used in addition to those discussed in the other sections. From soundproofing to sealing materials, from heat shields to electrical insulators, to metals, etc. We always have these materials in stock: ● cork rubber of various characteristics ● compact polyurethanes in various colours and hardness ● cellular polyurethanes ● conductive rubbers ● antistatic polyurethanes ● special electrical insulators (Kapton) ● copper/steel/aluminium ● high-strength coated fabrics (PVC or Rubber) ● special para rubber (Linatex) ● self-supporting sound absorbers (quash) ● high-quality, calibrated-thickness, semi-closed-cell foam rubber (Poron) With such a wide range of semi-finished products, it is therefore possible to cover a broad spectrum of requirements. Contact us for more information about our technology, our materials, and how we can help you improve your production and reduce costs. We are always ready to offer you the best solution for your implementation needs.

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