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We serve numerous companies working for the automotive industry. The offerings suit both strictly motor demands and auxiliary services such as electrical, fuel and suspension systems. We then process asbestos-free materials for flanges and gaskets suitable for exhaust gas temperature for mufflers, catalytic converters, and exhaust manifolds. But we do not limit ourselves to this. We also process rubbers suitable for contact with hydrocarbons and oils for carburetor membranes or seals for fuel and lubrication systems. We get as far as limit switch pads and anti-vibration mounts. We place great importance on the demands for soundproofing and thermal insulation of engine compartments thanks, for which numerous types of polyurethanes are reserved. Just as we are very careful to protect delicate parts from sludge and liquids with rubber and plastic strips and guards. Finally, we also make packaging for spare parts, models and promotional gadgets. Contact us for more information about our technology, our materials, and how we can help you improve your production and reduce costs. We are always ready to offer you the best solution for your implementation needs.