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We produce parts for machinery and systems that treat, purify and distribute industrial and potable water, corrosive and/or hot fluids and vapors. We make flanges, flat gaskets and filters from materials with excellent physical and mechanical properties, suitable for corrosive environments and high temperatures. In addition, our food materials are certified according to DM102, FDA, EC 1935/2004 and 2023/2006. We offer services to various industries: Drinking Water Distribution, Surface and Industrial Water Purification, Sanitary Sector, Heating, Technological Steam Distribution. Industrial washing machines. We are proud to offer flat gaskets in numerous materials to meet every operational need, from rubber to asbestos-free materials for special applications. In addition, we can also make bagged or metal-coated gaskets (such as copper) so that they can work in the presence of substances that might otherwise damage them. Contact us for more information about our technology, our materials, and how we can help you improve your production and reduce costs. We are always ready to offer you the best solution for your implementation needs.