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Growing: for a living being, whether plant or animal, growing is an act inherent with the very nature of that being, the natural evolution of the creative act. That’s just the way it is.bauble-1814949_1280
For a business, on the other hand, the concept of the verb to grow takes on very different connotations, as if this verb loses its meaning should it be used in this context.
It is no longer a natural consequence of a previous creative act, nothing that can be categorized in any way-nothing at all.
Growth in the case of an enterprise represents anything but something taken for granted.
Growing up is that act that necessarily calls forth others, first and foremost courage.
The courage to make choices.

Choices dictated by one’s intuitions that one must believe in: as if they were fixed, concrete, true points.
Which, however, alas, are not.

Those who do business all know this.
Gecam also knows this and has made it its way of thinking, its belief, the very essence of its existence.
Since it was founded back in 1990, the courage to grow has always been the leitmotif of this small provincial company, true to the principle that standing still is not an option: you either grow or invariably go backwards.
Small company but driven by precise choices of those who know how to put themselves on the line.

So today, those who have always followed us and shared our fighting spirit will not be surprised by our choices for the future. Choices made in a strong climate
of uncertainty but which, for that very reason, will be even more important and decisive.
And it is at this particular time of the year, Christmas, that we have chosen to communicate this to you.
We really want to send you a message full of positivity that we hope will drive away the ghosts of this year capable of affecting not only our bodies but also our will, our determination to react with the certainty that the future is our child, the child of our choices, of courageous choices.

Here, then, is what we have arranged for the immediate future.

Purchase of a Rover Cutting Center manufactured by Biesse Group Spa, specializing in plastic and aluminum processing.
This choice was dictated by the desire to expand the potential of the current milling machine in terms of both size and precision: in fact, we will be able to make parts up to 2×3 meters with tolerances in the order of 0.05 mm and, thanks to the interpolated 5th axis, make even complex shapes (such as bas-reliefs or spherical figures) without the need for any repositioning. In addition, thanks to an integrated 24-place tool magazine, productivity will also be greatly increased.
This work center, equipped of course with interconnection in accordance with Industry 4.0 principles, will be installed in the company in spring 2021.

Purchase of a Waterjet Cutting Center (waterjet system) that adds to the current waterjet fleet consisting of no less than 6 units.This 7th large machine, useful cutting table of 2×6 meters, has the ability to work in pendulum mode to optimize set-up and placement times and thanks to 3 cutting heads maximize hourly production With this seventh waterjet work center Gecam reaches the goal of having one of the most important waterjet machine fleets in the whole country thus consisting of:

3 waterjet multi-head centers
2 waterjet centers
2 abrasive water jet centers.
The work center is expected to enter production as early as May 2021.

Instead, a new tool is already operational at Quality Control, which by speeding up measurement surveying operations will allow for greater statistical control, increasing from the current 10 percent to 30 percent. This is an optical measurement instrument, manufactured by Keyence of Japan, which is particularly suitable for Gecam productions. In fact, many of the materials processed are soft or rubbery materials, which in traditional centesimal caliper measurement tend to deform due to the effect of the instrument. With an optical detector this issue is obviously solved since there is no mechanical contact between the part and the instrument.

I wish you and your Families a Merry Christmas,
Eng. Daniele Camisa