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Work with us

Working in Gecam
it means being part of a team
Pursuing common goals. 

Optimistic and motivated people who are always setting new goals, who want to improve and be up-to-date.
With the support of the right training, people working in Gecam are able to act  independently and deal calmly with any unforeseen problems.
Optimism, motivation, dynamism and determination are the qualities that distinguish all employees.
Whether it is a collaboration through internship/internship, or whether it is a working collaboration, joining this team is possible because any collaboration on the basis of good projects is always supported and encouraged with conviction, attention and curiosity.

CAD CAM program planning and creation clerk

Be the link between customer requirements and production
Main responsibilities
– Ensure the execution of correct bills of materials
– Ensure the execution of correct production bills of materials
– Ensure inventory management
– Owning and spreading corporate values
– Creation of cutting placings and bills of materials:
– Selection of items to be put into production, based on material, size, and cutting technologies
– Creating a work list
– Nesting Creation (Using Alphacam)
– Creation of any extra processing (pre- and post-cutting steps)
– Execution of cad drawings (starting from both technical drawings and samples)
– CAM programming of machining paths
– Preparation of inspection programs for manufactured parts using an optical instrument
Dynamism: energy and determination
Organization: good ability to plan one’s activities, accuracy
Relationship: communication skills

All applications should be received at the email address: lavoraingecam@gecam-srl.it


 Self-nominations and/or internship/placement proposals for other business areas will still be considered.