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The trademark Gambit Group Lubawka was established in 1962 and now is one of the European leading manufacturer of sealing and thermal insulation goods. The high market position of Gambit Group is due to the production of excellent sealing and thermal insulation materials, packings and spiral wound gaskets, but also to a comprehensive customer service programme and the upmost technical consultancy services.

Since January 2015 the Gambit Group has committed the commercialisation of his products to Gecam Srl, which delivers them on the Italian market.

In line with the corporate policy, concerning quality, Gambit Group production complies with the quality certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS2694.

Moreover, a great deal of gasket sheets are tested in the Centre of Sealing Technologies of the Applied Sciences Department of Münster University, one of the most important German campus.

On the portal “gasketdata.org” is possible to accede to tests data, realized for any kinds of sealing.

Although nowadays the Italian economy is living harsh times, Gecam Srl decides to provide foreign innovations and high-quality products to his customers, making larger his range of products and services.

An important choice, part of a corporate project for the development and renovation of the company during 2015 and also made in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of Gecam constitution.