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On the last October 17th Gecam Ltd achieved  UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 renewal.

Since when the first certification arrived in 1994 in Gecam we have worked for achieve the upmost quality standards. Today, after twenty-five years of  production, of which twenty following ISO 9001, Gecam Ltd has been following clear rules but maintaining always a flexible structure looking at market changes.

The project Gecam.2 confirms this working plan in which Gecam wants to introduce important innovations concerning the internal corporate structure. Gecam.2 changes have been well-appreciated also during certification checks.

Quality and high standards are achieved in a dynamic and productive working environment, therefore during 2014 Gecam tried to strengthen internal team building techniques.

Following this path, the aim is to encourage everyone to give his active contribution for the company.

Thanks to this attitude the certification is renewed.